The GoPro’s ultra-stylish competitor


The Autographer’s a pretty nifty lapel camera that aims at being more of a fashion object than a tech-y gadget. I distinctly remember the Nokia L’Amour trying that back in the day (truly loved those phones). Using materials like Leather and Canvas to cover the camera, the Autographer blends with your clothing. The controls are hidden at the back, only reinforcing the camera’s fashion statement. The camera also comes with some rather stylish options for the clip on which it rests, a standard clip, a tripod mounting clip, and for those fancy occasions, a brooch clip. Take that and the vast variety of leather covers you have to choose from, you’ll never be out of style. Not to mention you’ll be recording all the jaws that drop while people check out your fancy/sexy camera!

Designer: James Wood












  • Hunter says:

    That looks a lot like Narrative.

    • Sarang Sheth says:

      It sure is. Here’s why I didn’t raise that point. A lot of the designs we showcase are student projects. Personal ones, not affiliated with a company. Most companies however don’t care much about the use of their logos and branding on conceptual student designs. Some do. It’s possible that this project was done to re-imagine the Narrative camera as a fashionable device with a strong CFM evolution. Maybe the student decided to keep the design ‘unbranded’ to avoid complications. I faced them as a student. Had to remove the brand name from my renders.

      So yeah, we see a lot of parallels. We however encourage good design; rather than saying “hey, you ripped this off”, we say “hey, what additional value did you add to this?”.

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