The innovative ideas of the Good Design (GD) Selection Award 2019 winners!

The Good Design (GD) Selection Award has consistently, since 1985, strived to find and award the best designs with the highly coveted Good Design (GD) mark, a certification awarded by the government to showcase design excellence. The Good Design (GD) mark is given to products that embody a combination of values, in a broad attempt to help industries and markets recognize and embrace great products. Designed to be a globally recognized mark of design value, having a Good Design (GD) mark on your product opens it up to a wide range of possibilities, be it entering international markets, competing in existing markets, or just establishing ownership of a concept or design. The Good Design (GD) mark is recognized, for the most, part, globally, and is universally indicative of a design that has passed the highest requirements for being a well-designed product.

The 2020 leg of the GD Selection Award (now in its 35th year) is kicking off, with the competition currently accepting entries to be judged by an esteemed jury panel. Organized by the Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP), and hosted annually by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the GD Selection Award annually bestows the coveted Good Design (GD) mark onto multiple designs ranging from categories like Product and Industrial Design, to Packaging Design, Service Design, Environmental Design, Fashion, and Digital Media Design. Winners of the award are entitled to not just the trophy and exhibition, but also get to put the Good Design (GD) mark on their product as a global indicator of ‘good design’. Winners are also entitled to international press coverage, access the public procurement market, expansion of their sales channels, and recognition from the Good Design Australia (GDA) organization.

As we flag off the entry-phase of the 35th Good Design Selection Award, here’s a look at the winners from the 2019 edition. Scroll to view them below, or register your entry for the Good Design Selection Award 2020!

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1. LG Signature OLED TV [Grand Prize Winner]

It’s only fitting that the grand prize go to LG’s incredibly innovative, cutting edge ‘rolling’ TV that transformed how the television existed in home spaces. Most televisions often turn into ugly, black boxes on your wall when not in use. LG’s Signature OLED TV circumvents that problem by using a flexible OLED display that, like a scroll, rolls into this tiny soundbar-esque cuboid on your mantelpiece that’s there when you need it, and invisible when you don’t!

2. Purisoo Portable Water Purifier Bottle

The Purisoo water-purifying bottle works sort of on the same principle as an Aeropress. The portable purifier uses a plunger and filter to allow you to turn water from any source into pure, clean, drinkable water. Working like a manual pump, the bottle draws dirty water, forcing it through a series of filters that, in a matter of seconds, turn it into water you can drink… perfect for outdoor trekking, traveling, or during emergencies or disasters.

3. Cue Microphone

The Cue is a great example of a low-cost, high-impact product that democratizes a solution. The low-cost microphone is targeted towards content creators looking to either record music, film video, or even conduct ASMR sessions. The tiny microphone sports a tripod mount on its base, and comes with three modes, allowing it to capture focused sound from whatever is in front of it, or in 360°. The third ASMR setting allows the Cue to record in great detail, producing high-fidelity recordings… all while working off a simple 3.5mm jack!

4. Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator Series

The award-winning Bespoke fridge series from Samsung does for refrigerators what the Serif TV hoped at doing for televisions. Its minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired surfacing with the use of home-friendly colors makes the fridge easily blend into spaces as a part of decor, rather than a consumer appliance. You could either opt for complementary colors so the fridge integrates into your home decor, or opt for a vibrant color combination to make the fridge look like an abstract, Piet Mondrian-inspired piece of art!

5. Samsung Galaxy Fold

Yet another example of cutting edge foldable-display tech, the Galaxy Fold was probably the first ever folding smartphone to ever reach a consumer’s hands. The company went to great lengths to make the technology viable, allowing a much larger screen to fit into the format of a regular smartphone. The result is to be seen to be believed. While Samsung is still working hard at perfecting the technology and making it better, stronger, and more affordable, the Galaxy Fold really deserves a hat-tip for pulling off something that really seemed impossible 5 years ago!

6. Coway Air Purifier

As air purifiers become an essential appliance in most households, allowing you to battle less-than-desirable air quality indoors, the Coway AP-1019 comes with a design that respects and complements indoor spaces. The Scandinavian-inspired design makes use of simple forms clad in woven upholstery and mounted on wooden legs to give it the appearance of being a part of your house’s furniture. What’s more, apart from just simply purifying air, it works as a side-table too, allowing you to place house-plants, vases, or even things like photo frames or your phone on its small tabletop surface!

7. LG Signature Air Conditioner

LG’s Signature Air Conditioner deliberately looks different from conventional ACs… because it’s quite literally a class apart. The Signature Air Conditioners from LG aren’t just coolers. They possess the ability to increase ambient air temperature too, working as a heater, as well as the ability to humidify or dehumidify the air around you… all while also purifying your air! Wouldn’t it make sense for something so radically different and innovative to have its own design language, helping it differentiate from regular ACs?

8. DO&BE Smart Intelligent Stroller

The Smart Intelligent Stroller isn’t just a regular baby-pram. It’s a safe space for your child, and a stroller that’s actually easy to use as a parent. Perhaps the Smart Intelligent Stroller’s most defining feature is its Autostop System which kicks in the minute you take off your hands from the handle. This ensures the stroller never goes anywhere unless you push it yourself, allowing you to be in control of the situation, and being accommodating enough for parents, who often end up having their hands full with stuff and may need to stop once in a while to retrieve a milk bottle, or a fresh set of diapers. The stroller even comes with the ability to monitor air quality and UV index, giving you all the information you need to take care of your baby while you’re both outdoors!

9. Samsung Sero TV

People spend as much, if not more, time watching videos on TikTok or Instagram as they do on YouTube, Netflix, or Amazon Prime, and Samsung’s begun noticing that. The Sero, which Samsung just debuted at CES 2020, is a TV that flips from landscape to portrait, so you can cast videos or even scrolling webpages from your phone onto it. Sero, which is Korean for ‘vertical’, succeeds Samsung’s Flip from 2018, which was a rotating collaborative whiteboard that went from landscape to portrait too. Unlike the Flip, however, the Sero is a real TV. It doesn’t come with a touch-sensitive screen and a stylus, but rather is a 4K QLED screen that’s best suited for lifestyle consumers who want to be able to stream movies, browse the web, and watch videos that they captured on their phone. The Sero comes with a neat easel-like stand that gives it its defining look and even rotates autonomously, based on the video you play, or the orientation you hold your phone in!

10. Playworks Furniture

Playworks’s series of chairs help add a touch of glamor to a space while fundamentally allowing you to choose whether you want to socialize or focus on your work. The chair comes with an ergonomic back-cushion for comfort, and also features a circular seat that allows you to rotate as much as 30° left or right, enabling you to face the person beside you and have a casual chat between long work-hours!

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