The Jibbon keyring allows you to make your own army-knife-style EDC multitool

Imagine having an army-knife-style multitool, but instead of a corkscrew, it has your car-keys. Instead of a fish-scaler, you’ve got your house-keys, and in the place of a butter knife lies your work USB drive. Imagine a multi-tool that’s pocket-friendly, and just like a Swiss-army-knife, it has all the essentials… but they’re YOUR essentials.

Developed in Australia, this is the Jibbon, a customizable key-organizer that uses a specially designed enclosure that snaps open and closed to hold all your keys and other EDC. Designed to hold anywhere from one to 9 keys, the Jibbon comes with a swivel-to-reveal design that’s reminiscent of a Swiss army knife. When you need a specific key, swivel it open… when you’re done, swivel it back into its safe, leather-clad enclosure that gives the Jibbon a touch of class, while preventing your metal keys from accidentally scratching your phone’s display or periodically poking against your thigh through your pocket lining (honestly the real problem here!)

The Jibbon doesn’t just hold keys, it works with other pocket-friendly tools too. Available as separate accessories, you can even store Jibbon’s USB drive and metal multitool along with your keys, giving all your important pocketables one true home. You can choose between adding a 16gb or a 32gb pen-drive to the mix, while the multitool gives you a knife, flathead screwdriver, nail-file, and bottle opener, all in one, compact form-factor that practically occupies as much space as one of your keys. Just like your keys, the attachments snap right into Jibbon’s enclosure thanks to their proprietary mechanism that allows you to swap keys, drives and multitools with incredible ease, eliminating the need for any screwdrivers, coins, or fingernails to access individual elements.

Jibbon may have the soul of a multi-key multitool device, but it comes clad in premium Italian leather… a material choice that not only gives it a touch of finesse and class, but protects your phone’s display from the pointed keys stored within the Jibbon. Sourced from the most revered tanneries in Italy, the Jibbon comes in 4 tanned color options, and organizes all your highly functional keys, tools, and drives within a form that’s truly flawless… and even backed by a 3 year warranty!

Designers: Jack Graham & Matthew Sherwen

Click Here to Buy Now: $31 $43 (28% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!

About Jibbon

A minimalist, anti-scratch key organizer made from genuine Italian leather and marine grade stainless steel.

What’s Different with the Jibbon?

The patented locking mechanism allows for easy micro-adjustment. No tools or coins are required to change the keys.

Adjust On The Go & Guaranteed Not to Loosen

They wanted to put an end to the noisy, sharp key bundle. Most people carrying keys find it uncomfortable in their pockets. It scratches their phone and wears holes.

Protect Your Gear and Devices

Can’t stand having your keys and phone in the same pocket? Your phone screen will love the genuine Italian leather covering the metal parts. Your phone and other belongings will stay protected.

No Loose Parts

Unlike other key organizers, Jibbon doesn’t include any loose wave washers, springs or spacers.

Made With 316 Stainless Steel

High quality, corrosion resistant stainless steel is used for all metal parts. We have strength tested each element to meet the needs of the user. Every part of the design has been refined to eliminate unnecessary parts, ensuring reliability.

Customize Multi-tool & USB Options

Each key organizer includes an extension, allowing you to fit between 3 to 9 keys.

Add in the multi-tool when traveling – TSA safe.

Include the 16GB USB when you need files on the go.

Removable D-ring with a matte PVD finish.

Monogramming – up to 3 uppercase characters.

Italian Leather Sourced Direct

Sourced directly from tanneries in Italy, the leather is top grain, dyed by skilled artisans. Traditional processes are used to enhance the rich color and soft texture.

Available in 4 distinct colors, choose the perfect match for you, your loved one or friends.

The Design Process

Each element of the Jibbon Key organiser is designed by them. There are no “off the shelf” parts.

Click Here to Buy Now: $31 $43 (28% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!