Like Father, Like Son

Growing up, boys will try and be like their fathers, from emulating the way they walk, through to copying how they sit… and now they can even ride the same bicycles! This eye-catching duo is the Banana 88 bicycles, and whilst almost-identical in form, their function and scale are most certainly different! Naturally, the larger of the two is targeted towards adults; packed into the attention-stealing, yet the friendly, design is an electric motor that propels the user around in an eerily-silent fashion. When it comes to transporting or storing the scooter, its unique form folds up into a compact package, making it ideal for being placed in the car!

The second member of the pair is significantly smaller and does away with the electric motor. Instead, this variant is a balance bike aimed to introduce children into the world of bicycles! The rounded, approachable form makes for a friendly product, and one which ties the two products together, perfectly!

Designer: Rice Mak

Electric Folding Scooter for Adult

Balance Bike for Kids

Working Prototype

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