This hip flask design is reinventing the classics

Hear the word hip-flask and you immediately picture a curved, rectangular metal container with a lid. The hip-flask’s design is surely archetypal, and most would say that it isn’t a design to be reinvented or toyed with, but that’s not how the design industry works. Deciding that it’s time to give the trusty old hipflask a functional and aesthetic facelift, Alasdair MacLaine created the 100ml Hip by Wingback, a novel-looking flask that opts for a more secure, machined-to-perfection cylindrical design. The redesigned flask – designed and manufactured in the UK – brings new features to the table. It sports a wider neck that’s easier to fill liquids into, as compared to the thin-mouthed generic hipflasks. It also makes the Wingback easier to clean, thanks to its cylindrical build.

Its wide cylinder design is the perfect combination of function and portability. It’s aptly sized to comfortably sip from or fill into, and the perfect width to carry around too… whether in your hand, or your pocket. The 316 Stainless Steel construction gives it its strength, and its CNC milled design means that the Wingback has a higher wall thickness than those flimsy sheet-metal flasks, and comes made out of a single billet of steel, rather than being soldered and welded like most flasks. Its design is the result of a fine set of processes and materials, and they in turn result in a product that looks unique, feels reliable, lasts longer, and is absolutely a class above the rest.

The hipflask comes crafted from aerospace grade stainless steel, and was built with the purpose of being a healthier, food-grade alternative to your granddad’s silver or pewter flasks (which often contained traces of lead), and was made to hold its shape and last longer. Unlike regular broad hipflask designs that can’t be cleaned, Wingback even built a removable base into its cylindrical design, giving you the ability to clean inside and out, keeping your hipflask as good as new (because the last thing you want is for your alcohol to mix with traces from the previous batch.) For personalization, Wingback even offers custom laser engraving on the base of every flask, making it an ideal keepsake for yourself, or a gift for someone special.

“Our aim is to create iconic designs that will last as long as you do,” says designer and Wingback founder Alasdair MacLaine. “And we believe good design includes minimizing the impact our products have on the environment. We source the highest quality materials from trusted local suppliers in the UK and Europe and all our packaging is 100% recyclable.”

Weighing a mere 180g, the Wingback has a capacity of 100ml, and boasts of a design that helps reinvent the century-old pocketable-flask design. Oh, and it even packs a bottle opener on its base to keep the good times rolling!!

Designer: Alasdair MacLaine of Wingback

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The 100ml Hip is the reinvention of the traditional hip flask. This 100ml / 3.4 fl.oz. cylindrical stainless steel flask celebrates its contents in a more user-friendly, less leaky, easier to clean, more durable way.

At a 100ml capacity, it’s the ultimate travel companion, designed to serve you on any journey as well it does at home.

Manufactured to aerospace standards in the UK, from food grade 316 Stainless Steel, sourced from Europe, that will not alter the flavor of its contents.

Include personalized message of up to 50 characters. Non-personalized flasks will read “For your journey”.

A large lid and removable base makes filling and pouring mess-free, and every nook and cranny can be easily cleaned.

The lip detail has been designed to give the perfect pour. Whether for a drip to taste or to pour a decent measure, you won’t get any spillage.

Includes a lip detail on the base of the flask that serves as a handy bottle opener.

Unbroken cylindrical design to eliminate risk of leakage and seam splitting.

Hermetically sealed with a silicone washer and a bespoke dual contact seal to eliminate leaks.

Click Here To Buy Now: $104 $157 (33% off).