This lamp can be dimmed by rotating its half-tinted glass shade

The Tinge series of lamps by Jacob Starkley are simple, hands-on, and rely on a fun, tactile human interaction rather than getting Alexa to control your lights for you. The lamps (designed as table, wall-mounted, and pendant lighting products) feature a half-tinted glass disc in front of the light, mounted on a rotating brass axis. Rather than electrically (or vocally) dimming or brightening the lights, you can control them by rotating the gradiented discs. Tinted black on one side, and transparent on the other, with a beautiful gradient transition in the middle, the discs have the ability to cover or expose the bulb behind them, effectively controlling the amount of light that leaves the bulb based on how much you rotate them. Quite simply the most elegant lighting solution I’ve seen in a while!

Designer: Jacob Starley