This is a biomimetic drone based on 5+ decades of flight research on actual birds!

Move-over drones, there is a king of the skies in town… and boy is it interesting! This is MetaFly, a breathtakingly unique, remote controlled biomimetic creature like nothing before! This incredible device has been 50 years in the making… and it shows; MetaFly’s ability to fly accurately mimics that of birds and it is utterly mesmerizing. The patented wing control is both precise and smooth, allowing it to be flown comfortably indoors or pushed to its full potential outside, as it expertly darts through narrow, drone-restricting obstacles!

You may be questioning how long MetaFly would last under your control, as its delicate and intricate form suggests a fragile nature. However, you don’t need to worry! It has been designed with the inevitability firmly in mind and carries an elastic crash proof design that has been designed to withstand impact!

This is undisputedly a unique and thoroughly intriguing airborne device that is ready to take on the challenges that you throw at it!

Designer: Edwin Van Ruymbeke

Click Here to Buy Now: $77 $139 (46% off).

Accurate enough for indoors. Patented wing control that’s precise and smooth.

But born to be in the wild.

Take off and land naturally. And it’s way more graceful than a drone.

Click Here to Buy Now: $77 $139 (46% off).