8BitDo recreates NEO GEO CD controller in wireless version + emulates click-style joystick to perfection!

8BitDo is renowned for making affordable controllers that come with customizable options. For their latest inspiration, they’ve chosen the cult-classic NEOGEO CD controller released back in 1994 and modernized it to be compatible with the current generation of devices.

The gaming accessory is compatible with Windows, Android and the lesser-known NEOGEO Mini miniature home arcade console released back in 2018 by Japanese publisher NSK. As per 8BitDo compatibility with iOS and macOS will follow soon. Without a semblance of doubt, the controller is yet another lucrative fusion of retro-modern in 8BitDo’s lineup.

Designer: 8BitDo

To make sure this gaming controller is compatible with a wide array of games and platforms, there are L/R shoulder buttons, layout customization options and turbo function. According to 8BitDo, they were able to mirror the “click-style joystick” sound and feel of the original one. This attribute of surreal tactile input made the NEOGEO CD controller highly popular among gamers. Apparently, emulating the microswitch joystick is not an easy task, and it took 8BitDo around 3 years to just perfect the joystick of the NEOGEO CD gamepad!

Since were bang in the middle of 2023, the gamepad comes with wireless connectivity option over Bluetooth or a 2.4GHz connection. There’s a rechargeable battery fitted inside to bring wireless functionality for 35 hours to the classic controller. For times when you prefer zero latency gaming or the in-built battery is running low, a physical cable can be attached too for uninterrupted action.

The controller is officially licensed by SNK and can be pre-ordered right away for a price tag of $35. There are four limited edition variants too for $40 each – with respective decals of Iori Yagami, Terry Bogard, Kyo Kusanagi, and Mai Shiranui) – celebrating the King Fighters ’97. NEOGEO CD Wireless Controller will be available on August 15, so you’ll have to wait till then for fun arcade gaming on your favorite gaming companion.

We just hope it has the familiar precise controls and input for fighting games like Metal Slug or classic sports titles!