Everything on the PULS calculator is a button… even the screen

Determined to not waste any real estate, Carlos Llaneza designed what I believe is the most compact, sleek, and functional calculator. Designed for basic math calculations, the PULS features a numpad, the four action keys, a decimal key, equals key, pi key, and phi key. Wondering where the clear-all button is? Just tap the screen!

The PULS’s screen is designed to work as a key too. Long-pressing it switches it on and off, and tapping it resets the calculator. It’s a simple operation that just seems much more natural once you get a hang of it. It also means every bit of the calculator has a control function, and other than scaling down the size of the keys and display, there’s probably no better way of making the PULS more compact. Besides, with how sleek and tiny it already is… do you even need to?

Designer: Carlos Llaneza