The Minus Gravity desk toy can save you the trip to the shrink

Life is full of stress, complications, lost love, horrible bosses, too much of studies… the list goes on and on. You can either go to a shrink and talk away your worries, or alternatively invest in a healthy distraction called the Minus Gravity. Designed to look very classy and sit like a prized possession on your desk, this ‘Gravity-Defying Executive Desk Toy’, features a Neodymium Magnet falling through ‘Anti-Gravity Pillars’ in slo-mo, making a spectacular fall.

For a minute you can think the magnet is suspended in air, but in reality they are only following Lenz’s Law – a law stating that the direction of an induced current is always such as to oppose the change in the circuit or the magnetic field that produces it.

The levitation is surreal, and is ideal for fidgeters and thinkers, alike. Haffun, I say!

Designer: GANDY Design

Click Here To Buy Now: $31.

Click Here To Buy Now: $31.