A buggy for the urban parent

Many of us now live fast-paced, urban lifestyles, and those of us who have children will understand the restrictive nature of the buggy… it just isn’t fit to keep up with our demanding and ever-changing needs! This is where Upp2 comes into play! Upp2 may just be the perfect mobility concept for active parents and their toddlers; this extremely dynamic and flexible method of transport adapts to cater to whatever demanding need its faces.

Upp2 takes on a multitude of forms which suit a range of ages and tackle an array of environments. The stylish and dynamic buggy features a slim and agile design that makes it perfect for zipping through narrow streets, whilst providing a secure seating position for its little passenger! The harness can be lifted off from the buggy in a fluid action; this makes tackling obstacles like steps and tricky terrain an absolute breeze!

Designers: Tassilo Eissing & Daniel Farmer