Stay Cool this Summer with this Portable Desk/Handheld Fan

Staying cool in the summer can often pose as a bit of a challenge, especially when it comes to maintaining a comfortable temperature whilst we are sat at our desks. Whilst there are solutions to this problem already, they often carry and undesirable, unconsidered and mundane aesthetic that can interrupt the flow of our workspaces. Does this need to be the case? The team at BOUD certainly don’t think so, as they’ve created what could possibly be the cutest fan!

The compact device features soft-rounded edges and over-sized detailing to achieve a rather adorable aesthetic that gives it a friendly persona. But it isn’t ‘just a pretty face’, as it holds a rather clever and desirable feature… it can become handheld! Simply lifting the main section away from the base reveals a handle, this can now be used to provide a more directed stream of cool air. Perfect.

Designers: Sung Ho Park & Ki-tae Kim of BOUD for MINISO