This spaceship-inspired reverse humidifier is a design every space enthusiast really needs!

If you have ever wandered through Muji playing with the beautiful vapor that escapes from its minimal humidifiers, you know this design is a keeper! Meet the HUM! – a reverse humidifier that actually puts all that vapor to good use. The interesting visual scenario of the spaceship with the vapor is a mesmerizing scenario I cannot stop watching!

Humidifiers by default are a must-have in our homes, and given the core functionality of the design, we rarely see more than a rectangular box. The usual upward humidifying activity gets inverted here, with the vapor escaping through a perforated bottom. Form follows function, but HUM! is the perfect example of how form amplifies engagement! As an added cool feature, the intensity of humidification increases when you lift the spaceship body, reinforcing the visual of a rocket taking off into space.

The body of the humidifier holds the water in the body of the rocket, with a light inside it that keeps your gadget lit up when in use. The transparent body also showcases the water levels so you know when your rocket may run out of steam.

Designer: Cheolhee Lee and Minsu Kim