Breathe purified air from the outside with Airnanny on the inside!

The quality of the air that’s circulating our homes is of growing concern, and one which can be addressed with the implementation of an air purifier. The AirNanny is a fresh air system that increases the quality of the air through a series of innovative features. Removing the magnetic front from the sleek, yet inconspicuous, unit reveals three levels of filtration which are set with the task of eliminating 99% of bacteria, viruses, fine particulates and even odors, from the air!

The user has the option of three air-purification modes and can switch between introducing outdoor air into the room, recirculating the existing air within the room, or even a mixture of the two. As well as having a CO2 sensor that manages the fresh air, automatically! As any successful domestic product should have, AirNanny features a wonderfully designed exterior casing, with subtle surface detailing and elegant curves, to ensure that it seamlessly integrates into the home.

Designer: Olga Kalugina for AirNanny