Build exactly the kind of drone you need

Smaller drones are better suited for indoor use. Larger drones are much more efficient outdoors and can navigate better in inclement weather. Sheida Amiri-Rigi devised a way to build the drone you need based exactly on your specific requirements. Plug-and-use models allow you to arrange as many motors or even camera modules as you need, creating complex drones that can fly better, or for longer, or can perform complex maneuvers to get exactly the camera shot you need. The multiple camera modules let you grab different angles on the go, allowing the Dash Drone, as Sheida calls it, to perform reconnaissance, or even capture mutiple view-points during one flight. Besides, imagine flying a massive drone into the sky that can detach and disperse in multiple directions if and when needed?! I don’t know of any drone that can pull that off yet, but perhaps in the not-so-distant future!

Designer: Sheida Amiri-Rigi