Bring the Warmth of the Sun, Inside.

This beautifully designed concept aims to give us an alternative to washing our clothes in the energy-sapping dryer. The SOLEIL brings the outside, in. Unlike conventional drying racks that clash with their surrounds and interrupt the flow of the room, SOLEIL brings with it a desirable aesthetic, that features soft, considered curves paired with minimal, yet welcome detailing. This has led to a product that enhances the room even when it isn’t in use!

As opposed to just being reliant on the ambient air to dry the clothing, an inbuilt heating element emulates the warmth of the sun to gently, and efficiently, dry the clothes. The temperature of said heating element can either be controlled by a mobile app or the equally as stunning remote control. To complete the understated look, the colors and finishes of the device have been carefully selected, to allow the device to tie in with the surrounding furnishings in the room.

Designer: Jaegeun Kim