Coffee is as complex as wine. Kruve’s coffee glasses help you appreciate it.

Designed with the elegance of a fluted wine or champagne glass, and with a double-walled construction that allows you to appreciate your caffeinated beverage without burning your fingers, the Kruve EQ helps turn your quick morning fix into a multi-sensory gourmet experience.

Available in a set along with an elegant double-walled carafe you can directly brew in, Kruve EQ’s glasses help activate every single one of your sense, allowing you to appreciate the golden elixir the way it was meant to. Designed by Kruve, who are all too passionate about their cups of coffee (they even designed this coffee sifter to bring consistency to your coffee grounds) the EQ glasses come in two designs that are the inverse of each other. Each glass, however, contains an inner container/wall that is either narrow and long, or wide and short. These two inner container variations are almost akin to the ones we’d see between glasses for red and white wines. The transparent, thin borosilicate construction allows you to admire the color of the brew (the brew’s hue, if you will), while the wide and narrow inner walls control the degree of oxidation, affecting the intensity of the coffee’s taste brought about by its acidity. A wider glass brings about more acidity, working well with chocolatey/nutty roasts, while a narrower glass prevents oxidization, making it apt for already acidic light-roasts that have a more fruity/citrusy flavor.

The wide and narrow glasses are further complemented by wide and narrow rims that allow the coffee to interact with larger or smaller areas on your tongue. They’re also designed to either trap or focus the aroma of the coffee, while the glasses themselves need to be held at a more horizontal angle in order to drink your coffee, allowing your nose to pick up on all the aromas as the coffee tantalizes each sense… because drinking coffee can be an incredibly nuanced gourmet experience too!

Designer: Kruve