The iconic notebook-shaped memobottle now comes in a classy, long-lasting stainless steel design

I have a theory that you can judge the success of a product by how many people try to rip it off. When the memobottle first launched 7 years ago, it wasn’t long before the market was flooded with copycats. The idea behind the memobottle was simple. Bags and backpacks are designed to carry flat notebooks, folders, laptops, and tablets… So, why should your water bottle be bulky and cylindrical? The memobottle basically pioneered the flat, rectangular bottle design. By shaping the bottles to match international paper sizes (A4, A5, A6), the designers of the memobottle made a water bottle that fits perfectly into your bag and life.

Designers: Jesse Leeworthy & James Butler

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The convenience of a bottle designed to be carried easily everywhere was an immediate success, helping countless people reduce their dependence on disposable bottles of water… Now, they’re back with a fresh redesign. The new design offers a new interpretation of their iconic silhouette, this time swapping the original plastic construction for a robust and sleek stainless-steel construction. Adopting the same flat format, the Stainless Steel memobottles aren’t just convenient and reusable, they’re classy and unique, and coincidentally enough, are much more difficult to duplicate or rip-off than the plastic bottles.

The range spans 4 practical sizes. There’s the A5, a 33oz / 1.1L bottle that is well suited for backpacks and larger bags. The A6, a 16oz / 500ml bottle that fits comfortably in handbags, sling bags, and even back pockets. The A7 comes in at 8oz / 250ml. It’s like a hip-flask, but infinitely sexier. And the ‘Slim’, a 20oz / 600ml, with an elongated profile which makes it perfect for fitting into conventional bottle pockets and easy to pull out of tall bags.

Formed from premium food-grade 304 stainless steel, the new Stainless Steel memobottles are both stain-resistant and durable. They’re layered with a luxurious satin-textured powder-coating which feels great to the touch, while being naturally resistant to scratches and scuffs – keeping your memobottle looking brand new for longer.

The bottle’s minimalist design comes in either all-black or all-white, with the memobottle logo etched on one corner, and the bottle’s size debossed on the other, near the neck. A leak-proof metal cap screws onto a mouthpiece with an internally-threaded neck that offers an understatedly better drinking experience – because of how smooth the outside surface is. And while one would argue that cleaning a rectangular bottle sounds like a hassle, the memobottle comes with its own set of cleaning tablets, developed in partnership with sustainability-brand Single Use Ain’t Sexy. Just drop one tablet in every month and the bottle practically cleans itself – the tablet works with the plastic memobottle range too.

The Stainless Steel memobottle’s unique form makes carrying water incredibly space-efficient, while still being spacious. It’s not surprising to look at that slim bottle and be shocked by exactly how much water it can actually carry. That said, by adhering to common paper sizes, it’s easy to visualize the bottle’s overall shape and size when buying one, and even figuring out where and how you plan on carrying your memobottle – in a bag, backpack, purse, or your pocket. I think it’s just a matter of time before someone designs a MagSafe memobottle that snaps onto the back of your iPhone! (Hey memobottle folks, how about a collab?)

Currently running an Early Bird Discount during their Kickstarter Campaign, the Stainless Steel memobottles range between $37 for the smallest A7 size to $49 for the largest A5 (and $12 for 6 cleaning tablets). They ship globally and are backed by a 2-year international manufacturing warranty.

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $50 (22% off).