These M-Marker’s Team Up to Help You


There are designs that blow you away with their sheer innovativeness, while there are some that make you smack yourself on the head with the simplicity of its idea and execution. Simple though these ideas are, it remains a powerful advocate of the effectiveness of a solution not being dependent on complex ideas. Featured today, the M-Marker falls in the latter category.

In the bulk of stationary that designers carry around, markers occupy a huge chunk of it. Let’s not add the cumbersome nature of carrying around individual markers and the sheer horror of losing the favorite one from the set! The Red Dot award-winning M-Marker features a magnetic marker packaging that holds together the markers when not in use. Each uniquely shaped quadrant marker body ensure a cluster of 4 markers can fit together in a round arrangement, with you choosing the marker you need to carry around and create your own cluster. You can create your own color sequence and cluster it to try out effective compositions, grouping and classifying them as you wish. Space saving as is fun, this solution is sure to reduce the bulk we carry around. Also, just stick and save together the current sketch-in-progress cluster so no hunting for the markers used the next time you need it. All the utilities aside, I can’t help imagine the fun of infinitely playing and arranging these markers to my obsessive-compulsive stationary-freak blessed heart’s content!

Designers: Sun Fan, Zeng Wenjing & Zhang Qiaowei