The Sphaera Camera Shows You How To Click The Perfect Pic


Thanks to Smartphones, many of us have given up the dream of learning photography, because the apps and filters make it so much easier. Those still in the running will appreciate the Sphaera Camera – a device that makes photography a breeze. With features that help with arresting motion blur and enabling a better click, this camera is something that we hope moves from the concept stage to reality.

It features two camera dials – the larger one for “zoom” or “aperture” function and the smaller one for “shutter speed” or “ISO” function – the UI facilitates custom settings and is intuitive to use. Essentially the two touch screens of the camera allow for easy usage and intuitive functioning.

Designers: Emad Khan & John VanDerKloot


The designers started the project with a blank slate, interviewing and observing professional photographers and hobbyists. Through ethnographic research, they discovered essential functions and form expectations. It was found that enthusiasts were quick to try and accept new technology, especially when it came to mirrorless cameras, but many did not want to sacrifice using prime, zoom and art lenses. One of the biggest pain points observed was the disconnect from users who take pictures on smartphones or point-and-shoot cameras, as well as the complexity of the interchangeable-lens camera interface.


These insights led the designers to design a camera that vastly improved the user experience by having two touch screens that allow for seamless control while providing users with the tactile feel of dials and buttons. The result is a distilled camera experience bridges the gap between traditional DSLR or mirrorless camera users, and the photographers of the future.