Ten Unusual And Creative Bicycle Designs

Researching for this article I was surprised to learn that although a refined version of the cycle was available by early 1800s, it wasn’t till late 19th century that designers thought of coming up with a version suitable for women. Anyways, let’s not get into the battle of the sexes and enjoy ten amazing designs for cycles that can revolutionize the industry. After all, more than one billion worldwide use this mode of transport daily!

10) IF Mode by Mark Sanders


Our first Podcast guest has made his mark in the design-world with this innovative simple latch system foldable bike. Although the folding concept is not new, the folding of front wheel parallel next to the rear wheel is dynamic.

9) Bam Bam Baby Trike by Andrew Grigor


Technically this shouldn’t be in this list, but I wanted to point out how the “eco-friendly” factor has trickled down to a sector where we don’t pay much attention to. This tricycle is made entirely of sustainably harvested bamboo, giving it the coveted TAG!

8 ) A-Bike by Daka Design


A bike that unfolds in 10 seconds flat! Lightweight, better wheels, enclosed chain system, cool looks….

7) Taurus Bike by Julia Meyer


A fitness bike especially designed for children, the Taurus does away with seats and pedals! More of a stepper, this stationary bike focuses on keeping the right posture while working out. The back wheel hosts six condensers that store energy created from pedaling. This energy can be utilized later.

6) Tong City Bike by Nr21 Design


The biggest danger of riding your bike after sunset is getting knocked down by some vehicle. Addressing this issue is the Tong City Bike, which includes customizable integrated light tubes that increase your visibility.

5) A2B Trike For Disabled Children by Shabtai Hirshberg


The benefits of riding a bike are innumerable especially so for the disabled children. It improves their motor skills, muscle development, balance and gives them a sense of independence. The A2B Trike is designed in such a way that it’s easy for these special kids to mount and use it.

4) Antares Lift by Hideki Kawata


Inspired by a tear drop and an orchid leaf, the Antares Lift is a single-speed folding bike.

3) GrassHopper by Daniel Pulvermuller


Higher placed pedals, ergonomic seating and 60 seconds-to-fold are the key features of this cycle.

2) One by Thomas Owen


Unlike the rest of the folding-gang, the One reclines into a compact casing that makes it truly unique. Almost cramping up into an exclusive suitcase!

1) Oryx by Harald Cramer

Ten Unusual And Creative Bicycle Designs

Boasting of a Y-frame and push of a button-removable twin wheels; the main highlight of this groovy cycle is the crank which is designed like a ring and mounted in the inside of the frame by two ball bearings. Targeted at racers who don’t like losing a second, this sexy lookin bike has plenty of features to woo them.