Lenovo’s smart speaker also doubles as your bedside alarm clock


Imagine your Google Home Mini grew a screen, and displayed the time. That’s what the Lenovo Smart Clock is, and it’s positioned as the perfect smart speaker for your bedside. With a 4-inch IPS touchscreen display alongside the smart speaker, the Smart Clock accepts voice commands, and replies back to you not just with voice, but occasionally with visual data too. Designed to be the smart speaker that wakes you up and gets you ready for the day, the Lenovo Smart Clock is like a dedicated Google-based smart speaker for your bedroom. It works with Google Assistant, delivering a unified Google Assistant experience across all your devices (you can listen to music on it too). The Smart Clock additionally works as a power bank too, allowing you to charge your devices while asleep. Lenovo even intentionally opted out of putting a camera on the Smart Clock, making it the kind of product you’d feel safe to keep in your bedroom. (It will, however, listen to everything you say or do, as does any device that uses Google Assistant)

And to make things just a little more Google-er, the Smart Clock comes with a fabric clad that’s highly reminiscent of Google’s design language for interior spaces.

Designer: Lenovo