LED lit AM AFA keyboard generates hypnotizing notes and an eye-catching form decisive for everyday usage

My work requires me to type endlessly for hours. Thus, my keyboard is very personal to me. I like the touch, the keystroke sound, and of course the overall feel of working on it. It would take something out of the norm to get me from not working on this peach I’m typing on right now, and the look of this crazy peripheral, which they call the AM AFA Keyboard, is spoiling me now!

Like most of you, the keyboard means more to me than just a medium of thumping my fingers on. It is a percussion instrument playing hypnotizing notes to go with the words I churn out. But suddenly the entrancing clicks of my keyboard feel immensely shadowed in the crystal-clear notes of the AM AFA by Angry Miao.

Designer: Angry Miao

The mechanical keyboard unlike any other on the market right now is designed for workaholics demanding the highest levels of typing comfort and performance. For this, the Angry Miao – Adjustable Flex Alice (AM AFA in full) features an adjustable three-stage leaf-spring mount providing up to 18 different typing combinations.

Inspired by VF-19 fighter from Macross, the designer’s favorite mecha animes, this Alice keyboard has hot swap keys and it even lets you accommodate your choice of switches to match the key softness or hardness to your preferences. Additionally, it is offered in four styles to choose from. The keyboard, for more interest, is designed using a hollow metal frame that is manufactured with high-precision 5-axis CNC machinery and ships in a solid suitcase.

This frame provides the Bluetooth keyboard with an angular form factor that adds to typing comfort and the romance with harmony the keystrokes produce on this one. The keys are LED light to charming precision, which along with the angular ergonomic design of the keyboard gives it an eye-catching form decisive for everyday usage.