Instagram-worthy black and white sketched chapel for you to say “I Do”


The mythical tale of the perfect wedding! Most of us have at least once, imagined ourselves getting married, from the most picture perfect pastel scenario to the most daredevil version of ourselves that can ever be. Given the latest Insta-worthy demand, people are certainly going the extra mile to get some unique, envy-inspiring, photo-ops!

Adding to your bucket list, we have an artist inspired wedding scenario in Las Vegas that looks like it has stepped out from the artist’s sketchpad. It’s not a Photoshop job, it’s an actual chapel designed by Graphic Designer and Visual Artist Joshua Vides. And trust me, the images of this place will leave you slightly dazed as you try to figure out how this work actually came about. The Palms Casino Resort has just opened an 800-square-foot pop-up wedding chapel named “Till Death Do Us Part”, naming it one of the most social media-friendly places in Vegas to get hitched.

Known for his black and white take on everyday objects and surroundings, Joshua’s style brings back the old-school sketching that beautifully arouses childlike curiosity while standing tall and stark in its territory. Using thick black lines and pure white paint, this pop-up is a part of his latest art series ‘Reality to Idea’. Speaking about his series, Joshua states, “When the ‘Reality to Idea’ concept came to life in March 2017, it was because I needed to make a drastic change with my creative abilities. I had to pivot my expression,” he said. “I didn’t create the concept for Instagram, but once I painted the first object and held [it in my] hand, I immediately recognized Instagram as the vehicle.”

He added: “I believe that social media is a tool. Some use it correctly and some for leisure. I like to look at social platforms the same way I look at my toolbox. What can I accomplish and express today with what I have right here in front of me that can make an impact.”


Inspired by the people taking photos with the art display at their hotel, Tal Cooperman, the Creative Director of Palms, decided he wanted to create a better immersive experience to enthuse the guests. To create the chapel, Vides uses a metal skeleton with a wooden exterior, with white surfaces covered in thick black lines that shape out the perspective and mark the doors, windows, benches, pulpit as well as the decorations.

The installation will be open to the public from 18th January for photo-shoots as well as to hold an actual ceremony. Packages for rent takes a cheeky twist with names like the “Our Marriage Looks Perfect — On Instagram” package, which costs $250, allows for an hour in the chapel to take all of the social media photos your heart desires. And while all of it is fun, it also holds up a mirror to the tide of influence Instagram is having over the design and architecture space, with imagination closely intertwining with reality. Till Death Do Us Part from social media, indeed!

Designer: Joshua Vides for The Palms Casino Resort