These Parasitic Products Are Looking for Their Next Host


The notion of a ‘parasite’ has a negative connotation, but not for designers Seonghwan Hong, Taekkyung Lee, and Yoojin Song. Their collaborative effort on this series of everyday objects looks to microscopic parasites for inspiration.

The form of each design is modeled after the irregular body of these minuscule organisms. The resulting aesthetic is something entirely new yet completely organic. Each design also serves a unique and independent purpose, relying on a ‘host’ to complete its job or benefiting the ‘host’ in some way. Check out each one below!

Designers: Seonghwan Hong, Taekkyung Lee & Yoojin Song


Spatium-Parasitismus window Solarpoweredclock

This is a solar heat window clock which is parasitic to a window. It works by sucking solar heat through the back panel. During the daytime when the sun is up, it actively feeds and stores energy in the body. The stored energy keeps the life activity even in the inclement weather where the sun does not shine or during the nighttime.


Spatium-Parasitismus clotheshanger Tray

This is a mushroom tray which is parasitic to a hangers pillar. When you get back home and take off your overcoats, you will hang the clothes on the hangers. At that moment, you will take out your belongings in your pocket and look for someplace to put them on. In a situation like this, you can put your belongings on the parasitic tray naturally and conveniently.


Spatium-Parasitismus sofa Remotecontrolcase

Adhesive disk remote control case uses remote control and sofa as its host. Even if you throw the remote control after watching TV, the adhesive disk remote control case doesn’t slip into space between the cushions because it is attached to the sofa. You don’t need to put your hand between the sofa cushions uncomfortably to find the remote control anymore.


Energia-Parasitismus waterpurifier Cupdryer

Antenna cup sterilizer is a parasitic product which is parasitic to the head of a water purifier. This parasitic product will keep your cups clean, instead of nibbling the power of the water purifier. Cleanliness and health are clearly proportional.


Energia-Parasitismus router Diffuserwarmer

Tulip diffuser warmer is a parasitic product which is parasitic to a wireless router. The wireless router operates 24 hours a day and is always emitting heat from the main body. The tulip diffuser warmer recycles this waste heat to operate. It achieves killing two birds with one stone as the diffuser heated by the waste heat, the scent of it spreads stronger and the heat generation of the wireless router is effectively reduced.


Energia-Parasitismus refirgerator Yogurtfermentor

This is a barnacle yogurt maker which is parasitic to the side of the refrigerator. It recycles the waste heat released from the refrigerator to ferment yogurt. It is an Eco-friendly product by recycling waste energy, and you can get some delicious yogurt that is good for constipation.


Energia-Parasitismus electricfan ASMRspeaker

Vine white noise speaker is a parasitic product which is parasitic to an electric fan wire mesh. The wind, came through the holes on the back panel, shakes beads inside of it up and down. The beating sound of the beads reminds you of the sound of rain that makes you feel like cool on a hot summer day. This gentle sound like the sound of rain plays a role of ASMR that induces psychological stability.


Officium-Parasitismus blender Foodwasher

Nepenthes food cleaner is a functional parasitic product that uses the function of a blender. After being mounted inside the blender, it makes the washing process of rice or small fruits that need to be washed easy and simple by using the power of the blender.


Officium-Parasitismus hairdryer Socks-dryer

Cactus socks dryer is a parasitic product which uses a hair dryer as its host. It helps to dry socks faster and easier by being parasitic on the nozzle of the hair dryer. In the busy morning, just say goodbye to the wet socks!


Officium-Parasitismus showerhead Bathroombrush

Face hugger cleaning brush is parasitic to a shower head. We generally use both hands to clean the bathroom. Hold a cleaning brush on one hand and a shower head on the other hand. But if you put the face hugger cleaning brush on the shower head, you can easily clean up the bathroom with one hand.