This doorbell acts as the first COVID barrier to keeping you safe by checking your visitor’s temperature!

A doorbell that screens the temperature of your guest to ensure they do not have a fever.

Double vaccination, Delta variant, booster shots – these are the new terminologies that have been added to the world’s vocabulary, thanks to COVID-19, in the past 1.5 years. Such is the quick passage of time in 2021 that we actually sit down and wonder, that it is almost September and we are entering the final quarter of 2021 soon, with no end to COVID in sight. In actuality, many of us are still suffering from anxiety in crowds and the ‘normality’ some people are exhibiting when outdoors. Compulsive sanitization has become a constant and honestly when someone breaks the basic hygiene, it makes me anxious. The designers at DAWN Studio understand us and have added a seamless way to reassure us of our health and safety within the parameters of every day designed objects.

Titled the BELL, this deceivingly simple design packs an extremely useful feature. The BELL visually resembles the traditional doorbell’s we would see, bringing to mind a quaint nostalgia. At the same time, the tongue of this doorbell acts as a sensor, allowing the person pressing your doorbell to automatically verify their temperature, all in one action.

The gadget consists of 2 parts – the indoor module and the outdoor module. The touch center and a digital display show the temperature of the visitor to themselves. If your temperature reads higher than 36 degrees, it is the visitor’s prerogative to step away and help stop the spread of their infection.  The indoor module gives the users more options – to communicate with the guest, to switch on the light that is discreetly hidden under the lamp and more.

Aesthetically speaking, the entire gadget retains an almost nostalgic vibe – the bell is shaped like the ones we see in an old-school hotel reception desk, prompting the user to ring it. The slight metallic accents add to the retro feel whereas the modern body keeps it fit for all decor styles.

Tiny attention to detail makes the design more wholesome, and that is exactly what happens with this design, like the light that keeps the panel lit up in the nighttime. Quaint, simple yet a solution to a problem that is a need of the hour, the BELL is here to literally save you by the bell!

Designers: HyeJung Jin and Sung Wook (Creative Director of DAWN Studio).