The Modern-Vintage Mini Yacht


At just 28 feet, the Modern-Vintage isn’t what you stereotypically think of as a lux yacht. In fact, it’s shape is even quite similar to an old-school fishing boat. It isn’t until you take a closer look at the exterior finishes and what’s inside that you realize you’re looking at a remarkably polished living space at sea. To maximize the limited space, there are retractable or convertible equipment are used inside the yacht, and the space is precisely calculated to retain only the most essential items. It really captures an appreciation for life at sea, so you won’t find any TVs or fancy extras besides a high-quality audio system and Nespresso coffee maker. Smooth, elegant lines and colors of a vintage sports car, maximized cabin space and rare wings on both sides are sure to catch the attention of many yacht enthusiasts.

Designer: Hyperlien Yacht