Purrrfect Potty

The Modkat litter box is for the modern kitty who’s particular about potty-time! The award winning design features “rooftop” access so your cat can do their business in privacy. This complete enclosure also prevents litter and oder from leaving the box. Everything from the lid to the ergonomic scoop have been designed for the owner’s ease. Check out the vid to see how it works!

Designer: Modko


  • Quintin Smits says:

    I like how it is different from the usual litter box! Two questions, however:

    How would this prevent odors from getting out? There is no ‘door’ of any kind blocking it.

    Also, I guess the idea is that your cat climbs out and walks around on the top of the litter box first, getting the litter from its paws. Does this also work if the cat jumps out of the box and onto the floor?

  • Sue says:

    Absolutely love the fact that it keeps all of the litter in the box. There’s nothing worse than having excess litter on the bottom of your socks!

  • Rich says:


    Thanks for the compliments! In most cases it does work when a cat jumps straight out as the way they exit, gravity keeps the litter in the box. You can see cats jumping straight out at the end of this video:

    Rich Williams

  • Deb says:

    I love this litter box! Thanks Yanko for showcasing modern pet products, there really is very little hi quality products for pets and this is at the top of my list. I have been using it for a few years and love the look and function, it really does reduce the tracking on my wood floors. I just noticed they are selling direct in the Uk now which is a great so I can get the refillable liners.


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