The only smart device you’ll need


Yes, flexible displays are far from a commercial reality, and yes, modular tech keeps saying it’s round the corner, but never seems to show up, but that doesn’t stop designers from imagining the future applications of these technologies. The Flex Smartwatch is a pretty nifty gadget with 75% of the watch being 2 flexible displays that wrap around your wrist. The remaining 25% is a camera with a 10x optical zoom. The magical part is when you unplug the camera and the displays to give you individual units that can function on their own. The larger display can be used exclusively as a multimedia device, the smaller one for notifications (or Instagram, given its square size). This also gives you the freedom to use the camera separately, allowing you to click images and record video much more naturally, while viewing them on a remote display!

There’s a long way to go before this stuff even seems possible. It looks like a scary ordeal, having a camera with optical zoom on a flexible mount, and constantly wrapped around your wrist at all times! However, design that pushes boundaries does pave the way for technology to make the impossible a reality. Right, Yanko fam?

Designer: Hamed Sarfaraz