Color Me Music

“Colorme” is a hypothetical brand created by Ivan Jaddou, which is inspired by the sensory phenomenon of synesthesia and the ambiguity of international color symbolism. The project explores in unconventional methods of prolonging the experience of music, reaching beyond the realms of sound and into colors, emotions, and activities.

The Colorme package includes Teardrop Headphones, Colorme iPhone Mobile Application and Balloon Lamp

Teardrop Headphones: Touch-screen, color customizing headphones that transform the product into a daily fashion and lifestyle item.

Colorme iPhone Mobile Application: A whole new way to explore and generate music based on the user’s color, emotion, and activity inputs.

Balloon Lamp: Illuminates colors tagged to the songs being played on your application. This sculptural piece sets a mood in any room using light and color.

Designer: Ivan Jaddou