Your Keurig can now be packed into this portable brewing and mug coffee system!

Ever wish you could just take your Keurig everywhere? Well, now you can with the Koipresso! It essentially packs your coffee machine into a portable brewer-mug system that will ensure that you always have access to your favorite cup of joe.

Designed keeping in mind the nomadic, work-on-the-go lifestyle some people lead, this will coffee machine saves you long lines and waiting in the drive-thrus. You can brew fresh coffee anytime, anywhere and it is also compatible with Keurig K-Cups for ease. Quick eco-friendly checkpoint: K-cups and pods are not environmentally friendly (Keurig and Nespresso do claim to recycle them if you collect it and ship it to their centers) so if you are leading or trying to lead a sustainable lifestyle and manage your waste reduction, then you can use Koipresso with your own coffee grounds. As a ‘coffee snob’ myself, I would always recommend you brew with fresh grounds than packaged pods because it tastes better and also helps you become eco-conscious. The brewing method has four simple steps. Fill the coffee grounds in the carafe, put the carafe into the tray and secure, fill up the flask with hot water, and close the lid. Plug USB into power, turn it upside, and push the button to brew.

Another perk of the Koipresso is that you can place it on your work desk and simply enjoy coffee without even walking to the kitchen. A Micro USB cable will charge the coffee maker and it also keeps your drink warm like a thermos.

Designer: Koipresso

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