The wearable that gives Alexa the power of mobility


So far Alexa’s been pretty immobile. She’s existed in homes, plugged into an outlet, living in a single space. Amazon’s Echo Auto hopes to bring Alexa into another personal space, the car… but ultimately, all of Amazon’s devices conquer spaces, rather than becoming personal devices.

The Alexa Watch imagines a scenario where Alexa is readily available to you. Designed as a wearable, the watch is your personal Alexa-machine, rather than an Echo device for your family. It sits on your wrist, allowing you to play/pause music, order a taxi, send and receive messages/mails, and order food to either your address or to your location.

The Alexa wearable embodies the general style of Amazon’s hardware, with a white-only or black-only design, and the use of blue lighting and logos wherever necessary. The wearable also comes with an Alexa-triggering button between the 1 and 2 o’clock positions, and a small microphone integrated into the watch-body below the screen that lets you seamlessly converse with your voice assistant!

Designer: 2-LA Design