An Ever Expanding Appliance


If you’re a new chef in the making, Vario is the first and last kitchen tool you need! This versatile appliance utilizes a central base plate with an integrated induction ring for heat transfer and a magnetic ring for rotating motion. This simplistic combination makes it possible to use a variety of modular components for absolute multi-functionality!

The induction plate add-on works perfectly for heating normal pots and pans as you would on a normal stove. The grill plate (in which only the ribs heat up) provides you with a high-quality surface for grilling indoors. The stock pot addition allows you to make soup or a favorite liquid stock. A mixing element means it can be used as a sous-vide, or a steam basket on top to reuse the steam. The options for expansion are endless!

The Vario is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2017.

Designer: Rik Oudenhoven