This is the World’s First Digital Piggy Wallet for your Kids

We’ve made a pretty seamless transition from hard cash to digital money, but there’s still one form of payment that hasn’t really changed yet. The allowance. Unless your kid owns an ATM card and a bank account (I didn’t until I was 18), allowance has always been handed in banknotes or coins that found their way into the symbolic piggy bank.

As we move into the digital age of virtual currency and cashless payments, Pigzbe ditches the piggy bank in favor of their new ‘piggy wallet’ virtual realm too, allowing parents, relatives, and other elders to go cashless with their children… but the Pigzbe is much more than just a digital wallet for children. It’s also an education in finances, budgeting, earning, saving, and making sensible expenditures.

Designed to look like an abstract pig, Pigzbe is a small rectangular card-shaped device with two buttons (that double up as the pig’s cheeks) and an LED screen between them that lights up with a pig’s face on it. The Pigzbe accepts international currencies as well as cryptocoins, and comes powered by Wollo, a secure blockchain based token that allows you to send money globally and quickly. When you transfer money to a child’s Pigzbe, they get notified as the money gets deposited in their account, to be used digitally. The wallet actively tracks transactions, letting children know, through the display on the front, how much they’re earning, spending, and saving.

Pigzbe comes with an educational component too. Developed by Primo Toys, the guys behind Cubetto (the toy that taught preschoolers the basic tenants of coding), Pigzbe comes with a partner app too that helps visualize the child’s finances in a gamified way. The app introduces children to much more advanced financial concepts like saving, currency-conversion, and even setting budgets. They can earn money either through allowances, gifts, or even by completing tasks. The Pigzbe device stores and keeps track of everything that comes in and goes out, while the app allows kids to be financially aware and even learn to be fiscally responsible, from as young as six years old!

Designer: Jon Marshall

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Pigzbe is a hands on piggy-wallet that will help your kids learn digital money management through adventure and play.


Saving, earning and sharing. Pigzbe future proofs learning about modern digital finance with something fun, tangible, and for the whole family.


Does It Work?

Pigzbe emerged from years of research with kids, parents, teachers, economists and product designers on a quest to reinvent pocket money in the 21st century.

Since January 2018, over 30,000 people from across the globe have come together to make the Pigzbe project come to life.


Inside the Box

Pigzbe comes with all the necessary parts to begin playing and learning about saving, earning, and managing digital money right out of the box:

A – Pigzbe Device
B – Pigzbe App
C – USBC Charging chord


The Pigzbe Device hand-held home for digital money. It’s your screen-less window into a world of savings, making digital money tangible and fun.

Lights! Sound! Touch! Ⓓ 128 LED lights, combined with a Ⓔ speaker, a Ⓕ haptic engine, and Ⓖ 2x buttons, provide a magical experience with pocket money.


The Pigzbe App lets the adults in the family connect and send money to Pigzbe from anywhere in the world, instantly and securely, and cost effectively.

For kids, the app is an adventure that enhances the hands-on experience, helping them learn through connected play, stories and fun.


Powered by Wollo

Pigzbe runs on Wollo, a blockchain based token that allows you to send money globally, quickly and cost-effectively (It costs $0.000001 to send as little as $0.005).

Every Pigzbe comes with enough Wollo to play and interact with right out of the box, and complete over 10,000 transactions, so you don’t have to buy any to start!


What Can Children Do?

Earn and save – Pigzbe makes it easy for children to earn money and learn how to save it. Set goals for presents, get rewards for chores.

Visualise and play – Watch your money grow, literally! Your digital wallet is an interactive money-tree that you nurture and grow through savings.

Spend and share – Send your savings in and out of your account. Spend it on the things you want, online from the app, or in the real world with a card.


What Can Parents Do?

Create a family network – Invite family members and friends to connect with your child’s Pigzbe from anywhere in the world. Pigzbe is global!

Send allowances – Anyone in your network can send recurring allowances or one-off gifts, quickly, securely, and cost-effectively.

Set tasks and chores – Set chores and tasks for your children to complete. Keep track of progress, reward good behaviour, help them form good habits.


Why Financial Education?

The piggy-bank served us well. It taught us, and our parents before us, financial values like earning and saving, one penny at a time. But it’s become outdated.

Primo Toys believe that managing digital money is a basic 21st-century literacy, and one our children can’t afford to miss out on, yet widely overlooked in elementary education.

Research shows that good – or bad – money habits are learned by age 7, and that kids can understand concepts like price and value as early as age 5.

Primo Toys believe that financially curious children can become financially literate adults, and be designed Pigzbe to achieve just that.

What are Kids Actually Learning?

Earning – Pigzbe allows children to earn money through chores. Financial empowerment comes from knowledge of our own self worth, and the worth of our hard work.

Saving – Saving money makes Pigzbe’s environment richer and more playful. The more you save, the more possibilities you have, which is true in real life too!

Budgeting – Children visualise their pocket money benchmarked against savings goals. Knowing where you want to be is as important as knowing where you are.

Spending – With Pigzbe children are in charge of their own money. They spend it on the things they want, and learn about independence.

Click here to Buy Now: $79 $139 (40% off). Hurry, for only 24 hours!