A Bike Straight Out of Mad Max


The designers at Droog Moto have added this bad boy, dubbed the DM-014 Urban Fighter, to their lineup of wild hand-built bikes. They’ve stripped down a Kawasaki Z1000, stripped it of all the superfluous elements, and transformed it into an urban streetfighter like no other.

Its standout features includes a geometric tank cover that gives it an aggressive aesthetic and a bullet proof steel tracker plate at the nose with slit-style LED lights and a digital speedometer shielded behind it. Other signature features include a hand-made fuel cell, custom aluminum wheel inserts, and front/rear LED lighting as well as new front and rear suspension upgrades and aluminum fully adjustable rear sets. Other adaptations were made, such as removing the subframe to accommodate a custom seat and updated electrical items. The Urban Fighter also sports robust Continental TKC80 tires to tear into rough terrain and pavement.

Designer: Droog Moto





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