Ready, Set, Scoot!


The award-winning Rolley Scooterson 2 is so easy to use, you could almost do it blindfolded… but please don’t! Designed to be intuitive to use, once the rider climbs aboard, they only have to remember how to use the brake lever.

The electric drivetrain consists of three gears. One easy push with the leg will get it moving in first gear. A second push will throw it into second. And third gear is engaged simply by sitting down. When the user is ready to wind down, the must simply grip the brake and provide pressure. Other smart features like adaptive headlights, anti-theft systems, and an adaptive torque system that adjusts for maximizing battery life make it ideal for both personal and public platforms.

Designers: Ionut Predescu & Mihnea de Vries of Scooterson Inc.


The ergonomics were tested to find the perfect universal dimensions that would work for any height and body measures to eliminate the need to adjust the seat or handlebar. Using components made of magnesium alloys and aerospace grade aluminum alloys, assembled on the world’s first full Carbon/Kevlar-reinforced polymer chassis designed for a scooter, the composite body is three times lighter than any other scooter in the same form-factor. When it comes to aesthetics, all curves and proportions have well-studied ratios and the decorative patterns are mathematically generated for a clean and organic look.