This Clock is also a life-saving emergency kit

A clock serves as an indication of whether you’re on time, early, or running late. The clock practically guides you through your day, directing your life, but the Life Clock by Gyeonggido Company & SWNA design studio does much more. Designed as a disaster survival kit, this clock can practically save lives by allowing you to be prepared during a disaster. The clock comes with a hollow internal compartment that houses its own kit of emergency products. It comes with two potent glow sticks that can each shine for 12 hours, wrapped in a metallic foil that you can fashion a reflector cone out of and use as a makeshift flashlight. A foil blanket allows you to maintain core body temperatures by trapping body heat through thermal reflection, while an emergency two-tone whistle allows you to signal for help. If you have access to a window or opening you can’t reach, the helpline can be used to guide people to you by simply tying one end to yourself and throwing the other end outside. Lastly, a gauze bandage allows you to cover any cuts or wounds, compressing the injury to stop the bleeding.

The Life Clock also comes with extra space that you can use to store a pair of glasses, medicine, batteries, or even a nutrition bar to help you stay alive and safe until help is on its way.

Designers: Gyeonggido Company & SWNA design studio.