A Wristwatch for the Bold at Heart


If watches were fonts, this one would be a Futura Bold. Geometric, aesthetic, and damn near perfect, the MODUCO watch makes a strong statement thanks to its thick, dominant bezel that takes inspiration from an unlikely source… raw industrial piping!

The Swiss-made, American-designed MODUCO was designed to represent the duality of city life. Simple yet bold, raw but sophisticated. The watch’s body is dominated by a cylindrical pipe-shaped structure that cuts through the body of the watch, extruding out of the top as well as the bottom. Like a bold character, it guides one’s attention to the watch itself, and then to the time within it. That circle and the way it cuts through the watch becomes a strong symbol of the watch itself. Look at the watch face and you even see the markings and Roman numerals following the same bold, extruded trend. They’re simple, yet striking.

The watch body comes in a variety of complementing and contrasting color combinations. Both the case and bezel use 316L stainless steel, but the case comes with a sandblasted matte finish, while the cylindrical bezel showcases a brushed metal finish. Both parts come in complementing silver on silver and black on black, highlighting the difference in finishes, whereas you can also opt for the time-tested black+gold, black+rose gold, or black+silver combinations to bring out the watch’s bold O bezel. Additionally, you can even choose between calf leather, stainless steel, and a NATO weave for your strap.

The MODUCO watch comes in a limited edition Automatic Sellita SW200 movement with 26 jewels, a calendar at the 3 o’clock position, an exhibition back, and a 38 hour running time. Or conversely, you can choose the Ronda 513 Quartz option that may come with a metal back, but that’s of little consequence because the front of the watch is so bold, beautiful, and evocative!

Designer: MODUCO

Click here to Buy Now the 305Q Quartz: $299.00 $499.00

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MODUCO’s most eye-catching and unique feature is its distinct cylindrical bezel and case back that erupts through the case body and draws inspiration from raw industrial piping. It is finely balanced with a combination of traditional finishing techniques interpreted in fresh new ways.


The top of the bezel is diagonally brushed which adds interest and assists in creating depth and a sense of perspective. This is contrasted with heavy vertical brushing on the bezel side. These two planes are broken by a highly polished chamfer that beautifully captures and reflects light.


The case body is sculpted with clean architectural lines and completed with a subtle sandblast finish to contrast the industrial rawness of the cylinder bezel.


The crown plays in harmony with the bezel and displays heavy vertical brushing on the side of the cylinder and the top which is separated by a notched chamfer to provide a firm grip for setting the watch.


Dimension drives the design, from the striking cylinder bezel to the sandwich construction dial consisting of a matte top dial with cut-out hour indexes that exposes the sunray lacquered dial below.









Click here to Buy Now the 305Q Quartz: $299.00 $499.00

Click here to Buy Now the 305A Automatic: $499.00 $999.00