The YD Black Friday Wishlist: Cool Products, Cool Deals!


The season of giving (even if it means giving unto oneself) is upon us and we present to you the consolidated 2018 Black Friday Gift Guide… a list of products that wowed us, from the year gone by. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from the YD Family!

P.S. Stay tuned for the Cyber Monday Gift Guide that drops at the beginning of next week!
01. Royole Moon by Royole
You may remember Royole for its most recent launch, the Flexpai, a tablet that literally folds into a phone. The California start-up, however, has been around for quite a bit, designing products that enhance the way we interact digitally. The Moon is Royole’s exclusively-for-entertainment VR Headset that comes with a comfortable design that rests on your head, giving you a fully immersive audio-visual treat. Its unique design enables it to be folded down to occupy lesser space, allowing you to carry it around with you on flights, so you don’t need to rely on crummy in-flight entertainment, and to hotel rooms that have terrible cable services. Two AMOLED screens sit in front of your eyes giving you a stunning 1080p display each, while the around-ear headphones deliver crisp audio and block out external noise. True indulgence, this one!

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02. Leatherman Tread Bracelet by Leatherman
Almost every tool you’ll need, from flathead screwdrivers to Phillips head screwdrivers, to hex bits, to even box wrenches, they all sit on the Leatherman Tread Bracelet which sits on your wrist. You’re quite literally armed with every tightening or loosening tool you need up your sleeve! Made from stainless steel, the bracelet is strong, resilient, and friendly on the skin… and by design, it’s TSA friendly too! What’s better is that with these cool link adapters, you can use the Leatherman Tread Bracelet as a strap for your Apple Watch! Yes, it works with the latest Watch 4 too! Click here to grab the adapter links and click below if you want a Leatherman Tread bracelet for yourself!

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03. WePlenish Java by WePlenish
Imagine never running out of coffee because your coffee jar automatically orders more coffee for you when you’re running low. That’s what the WePlenish Java is. A storage unit for your coffee pods that can sense when you’re running low on your supply. It hooks to Amazon’s Dash service to order more coffee for you when you’re low, so your mind is free for more important things. The WePlenish Java hooks to your WiFi and runs on AA batteries (that last a full year), and works with coffee pods as well as other stuff like granola bars or pocket-snacks.

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04. PowerUp X FPV Airplane Drone by PowerUp
Between making and testing paper planes as a child and enthusiastically flying drones as an adult, we grew up. The PowerUp X FPV Airplane Drone captures that journey called life by plugging the two experiences together. The PowerUP X augments paper planes by introducing a powerful, lightweight twin-engine to it. The engine sits atop your paper plane, controlled remotely by your phone, allowing you to drive your plane around for large amounts of time. Built in collaboration with renowned drone maker Parrot, the RC paper airplane drone comes with a camera too, letting your smartphone screen act as a viewfinder as you drive your modded-up paper airplane. Want to experience the thrill even better? Introduce a Google Cardboard or VR Headset to the mix and experience the thrill of flying around on a paper plane in first person!

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05. Polaroid Pop by Polaroid
Designed quite literally with a popping contrasting color scheme, the Polaroid Pop is the classic instant-print camera with quite a few revolutionary features. For starters, it comes with a screen that lets you compose and view your shots as you take them (as well as admire them in the photo gallery later). The touch-enabled screen lets you not only cycle through photos and print the ones you want on demand, it allows you to share images on social media too… and most importantly, it comes with video and GIF recording features too for your Instagram account! With a 20mp camera on the front and Polaroid’s technology on the inside, pictures quite literally pop from the screen, and when you want to print them out, they print on 3.5” x 4.25″ paper, which is significantly larger than any of Polaroid’s other offerings. With the ability to save images, record videos, and post to social media, the Pop is an upgrade on any other instant camera, and with the ability to print out your photos on large postcard-worthy pieces of paper the Pop one-ups your smartphone!

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06. Spigen Classic One iPhone X Case by Spigen
Designed to look and feel exactly like the iPhone 2G that Steve Jobs launched in 2007, the case for the iPhone X (it’s compatible with the iPhone XS too) is a nostalgic revisit that will take you down memory lane. With its signature dual-colored finish and curved body, you’d get the best of both worlds… a high-end smartphone wrapped in a beautifully ergonomic body that was designed to fit well into hands. The curved body isn’t just palm-pleasure, but also protects the phone from accidental drops, thanks to its PolyCarbonate and TPU construction; besides Spigen’s cases go through rigorous drop-tests. The case is arguably the perfect combination of the best of both worlds, giving you a taste of the future and the past, simultaneously. Oh, and it’s wireless-charging compatible too!

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07. Moment Anamorphic Lens by Moment
Have you ever noticed how there’s an immense difference in quality between videos shot with your smartphone and music videos or movies? Even though smartphones are now capable of shooting in 2K or even 4K, there’s a difference in the output. It’s because of a few basic things. Color correction, frame-rate correction, stabilization, and the use of high-quality lenses. You can achieve the first two with simple software, and a hand-held gimbal should give you stable videos, but the last one’s the tough bit. A good anamorphic lens can make your videos and images look ‘cinematic’ by introducing lens flares that give your videos and photos that wow-factor (Michael Bay quite literally swears by them). Moment’s anamorphic lens shrinks that magic down into a product that can sit in front of your phone’s camera, uplifting the shots you take with it. The Anamorphic lens is compatible with Moment’s case-mount for iPhones, Galaxy phones, and Pixel phones, designed to sit exactly in front of the camera in a way that allows it to work with precision, and create spectacular looking horizontal flares that are sure to make your videos look miles ahead of the rest!

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08. Ojo Nintendo Switch Projector by YesOjo
The Ojo Projector was designed to mirror the Nintendo Switch screen onto a much larger surface like a wall or projector screen. In other words, the Ojo Projector is a Nintendo Extendo (I really believe Ojo missed out on the wordplay opportunity). The Nintendo Switch is a great way to play Nintendo’s latest labels. It works as a solo-player device, as a mano-a-mano or co-op gaming device, connects to televisions, and even comes with its extensive Labo kit that gives it a tonne of other incredibly cool functions. The Ojo Projector gives the Switch one more feature. Expansive gaming. Just dock the Switch into the Ojo and you’ve got yourself a 120-inch screen powered by Texas Instruments DLP Technology. With a 20,000mAh battery that runs for up to 4 hours on a full charge, and dual 5w speakers providing stereo sound, you’re probably going to be glued to your game for hours… and with HDMI setup, you’re not just limited to the Switch. You can connect your phone, tablet, laptop, or even Chromecast to the Ojo Projector for universal extendo!

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Psst… It isn’t friday yet! Stay tuned for PART TWO of our Black Friday wishlist tomorrow! And click here to check out last year’s Black Friday wishlist!