Here’s an Innovative Little Grip That Helps You Easily Sprout Avocado Seeds

If you’ve seen enough food and craft videos on Facebook, you know that the correct way to sprout an avocado (or most seeds, tubers, roots, or shoots for that matter) is to submerge it halfway in a glass of water. The usual trick is to prod the avocado seed with four toothpicks, and precariously balance it on the rim of a glass filled with water. Once the sapling starts sprouting, you can transfer it to a planter with soil. Noga Toren’s solution ditches the toothpicks for something more elegant, and versatile.

The Planty cleverly relies on a flexible form and the springing property of metal. It comes with an outer metal rim, four triggers, and inner arms that flex open in an aperture-ish style when you press the triggers. Use it to grip an avocado seed, a potato, onion, half a cabbage, pineapple, or anything you’d like to sprout. The six arms gently grip the plant without damaging it, and the outer rim allows it to sit on top of a glass of water till the sprouting is done. Once you see tiny roots and stems developing, transfer it into the soil and watch as it sprouts into a healthy plant!

Designer: Noga Toren