Nuovo Nuovo’s Products Turn Upcycling into an Industry

Let’s take a moment to appreciate what the guys at Nuovo Nuovo are doing. Designing products using the raw materials left behind from other products is often a tricky task. You’re faced with the challenge of using what you can get your hands on, and the resulting products often look like they’re a result of a recycling/upcycling attempt… but not with the products that Nuovo Nuovo make. Primarily using plywood rejects lying around the city (from excess plywood to dumped plywood palettes), Nuovo Nuovo have created a series of products from the wood pieces that look a part of a family, given their material selection. The products have a fun, quirky, minimal design language and most importantly, are made from 100% free waste raw material that the studio collects and repurposes, giving new life to the wood that was the by-product of furniture manufacturing or logistics.

Nuovo’s products, ranging from a calendar to an extremely emotive phone stand, key-rack, candle-holder, and even a desk organizer, are all made using a combination of CNC machining and laser-cutting/etching. This results in products that are relatively low-cost and also look a part of the same design family. Nuovo Nuovo hope to raise money through crowdfunding platform Kickstarter by selling these products, so they can move onto recycling/upcycling more materials like plastics and metals. You can click here to check out their noble work and pitch in to save the earth a tiny bit, and get yourself a rather neat product in exchange!

Designers: Marco Autilio & Luca Parmegiani

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The radiO organizer – $13



The Numoji mobile holder – $13




The Calenda manual calendar – $13


The Slikey key holder – $13


The Amati makeup holder/organizer – $16


The Lumi candle holer – $20