A Dust Mask for Dummies

Dust is a major culprit of respiratory diseases but many avoid using masks and those that do tend to throw them away after a single short use. Designer Elias Thaddeus Pfuner’s recognized that poor existing design is one of the reasons behind this. Taking action, he has developed the Cyclone Mask 1 as a user-friendly, reusable option that aims to mitigate the problems of existing designs with an innovative 2 step pre-separation process as well as durability, ergonomics, and a cool striking aesthetic.

The Cyclone Mask 1 utilizes a cyclone separator as a pre filter system. After the pre filter, the air is guided through a fine dust lamella filter. This lamella filter gurantees the same cross section surface while having a smaller size. During inhale a vent closes the bottom part of the cyclone. While exhaling the bottom valve opens as a result of gravity. With the help of the cyclone separation process, the durability of the filters is also improved. At the same time, the general size of the filters is reduced due to the fact that the big particles are separated during the cyclone process.

Additionally, an RFID smartphone app system works in tandem with the mask to provide feedback to the user and the relay status of the used filters. The user will know when to change it and exactly how contaminated it is, which serves as an additional reminder to always wear a mask!

Designer: Elias Thaddeus Pfuner