Part Flavor Extractor, Part Herb Infuser, Part Cocktail Shaker

Look past the video and at the Salids Shaker. It looks like a simple jar but it wasn’t designed to work as one. It does the job of a shaker, a tenderizer, an infuser, and a pretty basic blender. The jar comes with a spiked lid that extracts the flavor of ingredients, allowing herbs, spices, oils, and condiments you’ve put in the jar to infuse into your food.

The BPA-free Tritan jar comes with measurements marked on one side, allowing you to use it as a measuring glass, and the Polypropylene lid secures tightly on it, armed with spikes that can break down tough foods, and mash softer foods. Just pour your food, oil, and spices in before giving it a quick shake, eliminating the need to use your knife or masher to meticulously prep your food. The Salids Shaker works great for infusing potatoes before roasting them, or give it a vigorous shake to make a rich pulp out of those San Marzano tomatoes with olive oil and herbs before slathering them on a sourdough pizza base, or even for making a quick guacamole without having to go through the routine of getting your mixer grinder out (and cleaning it later on). To top the convenience of the Salids Shaker off, it’s dishwasher friendly too!

Designer: Chrome Cherry Design Studio

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The unique Spiked Lid design of the Salids Shaker extracts the essence of your ingredients allowing them to infuse for richer, fuller, and more complex flavors in dishes and drinks- all it takes is a shake! Perfect for making delicious marinades, dressings, dips, or even a cheeky cocktail!

Originally the idea was inspired by cherry tomatoes; more specifically the inevitable struggle that arose from trying to prepare them for salads.

Chopping or piercing to avoid these annoyances was a time-consuming activity, which is why they decided to come up with the perfect tool for dealing with those little spheres of doom – a kitchen utensil that could pierce them quickly and easily.


However, in the process of testing and perfecting the Salids Shaker they discovered it had a multitude of uses that went beyond cherry tomatoes!


The sharp spikes on the lid activate a release of flavor while the shaking motion mixes – allowing these flavors to infuse. The result – fuller more developed flavor profiles.


Baked Potatoes / Veggies

Infused mushrooms.




Click here to Buy Now: $17 $20 (15% off)