A Turntable-Infused Lamp


Inspiration can be taken from anywhere, and this can lead to beautiful designs that are both unique and visually interesting! This is certainly the case with Record Lamp, that, as the name would suggest, takes its inspiration from the humble record player.

Not only does it take visuals from a record player and use them to create a product worthy of a place in an art museum, but the designer has also adapted the interaction element to create a fluid user experience; the lamp is turned on by moving the light bar towards the center of the disk, the disk can then be rotated to adjust the brightness of the light to suit the user’s needs.

Visually, the light is striking. From the way that the base intersects the disk adding an element of suspense, through to the monochromatic color scheme that ensures for a bold contrast between each aspect of the lamp. Stunning.

Designer: Yicong Lu