Your Shins Will Thank You For This


This cleverly designed alarm clock, called Shine, is aptly named for the flashlight functionality built into the device. The design rests on a wireless charging base where it works as a straightforward alarm clock, displaying the time in dot-matrix style against its silver-colored exterior. For those moments when nature calls in the middle of the night, or when you get the late night munchies, simply grab the clock and the flashlight will be activated to use as a guiding light to get around dark hallways. Simple, safe, and smart!

Designer: Andrew Ferrier


“Lifting the clock off the base automatically turns on the portable nightlight. This avoids the unpleasant brightness of regular room lighting,” explains Ferrier.



“The light slowly illuminates in the morning for a more natural awakening. The vertical orientation of the clock has a much smaller footprint compared to conventional alarm clocks.”