Biomimicry Pin

It was an ‘a-ha’ moment when Toshi Fukaya realized that there is more to a cat’s paw than just fur, paw-pads and claws. The act of withdrawing the claws and exposing them inspired the creation of Biomimicry Drawing Pin. The sharp pin is sheathed by a hollow pad (or bubble) of malleable silicone and exposes the pin only when the drawing pin is pressed into the board. The idea is to create a safer pin for use.

Like Fukaya explains, “It regains its former shape (and sheaths the pin) when the drawing pin is pulled out. The ‘push’ side is composed of solid silicon that covers the drawing pin’s plastic handle.”

Biomimicry Pin is a 2011 red dot design concept winner.

Designer: Toshi Fukaya


  • Jimmy C says:

    Good idea! A bit like the blood pricks at the hospital.

  • Luke says:

    Very cool idea! The look got me thinking it was a pill at first, but that look really adds to a new-age and qualitative image of the pin.

    I’m curious about how well the pin would stay pinned into a cork board. Would the soft silicon tip ever loose the pin itself? Is that something you have tested or could explain more about?



  • avnish priya gautam says:

    I think its an amazing idea of a human centeric design on both emotional and functional front.

  • Allanbritto says:

    awesome idea. human factor applied as its best

  • deadcat says:

    there are lots of pin concepts around, but still this one is notable.only and biggest problem you face is cost, like all the other cool pin concepts.

  • Kai says:

    good idea, i would make the two ends to be shaped differently though, you would want people to identify the ends quickly without much thinking, if both ends are pilled shaped, someone might just put pressure on the wrong end…

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