Make your smartphone a conferencing wizard

I guess times were just simpler when we had the landline telephone. Sure, they weren’t portable, but you wouldn’t have network problems, or battery problems, and they used to be such a dream to use! Now we have smartphones that are portable, and come with a rather advanced caller ID, but need to be periodically charged, have network issues, cost a fortune, and let’s not forget all those radio waves that pass through your head.

The NVX 200 is perfect for retaining the good qualities of the telephone, but allows you to use your existing smartphone just the same. Designed for offices that don’t want to rely on additional desk-phones, the NVX 200 is a state-of-the-art telephone hub that allows you to have a professional phone set-up in your office using your existing smartphone (or even a tablet). Resplendent in its receiver-and-twirly-cord glory, the NVX 200 works like a charm! Just connect your smartphone to it via Bluetooth as soon as you unbox it and you’re set for life. After that all you do is dock your phone in its slot and you have a brilliant landline phone that provides seamless service and crystal audio clarity for not just telephone calls, but even VOIP calls as well as video conferencing from third party apps like Skype, etc. The NVX 200 also works without docking the phone, as long as the phone is within 15 feet of the dock.

Perfect for every office-goer, the NVX turns your smartphone into the ideal desk-phone/conferencing-device with no hassle! Plus, doesn’t it feel better to have that mobile-phone away from your face??

Designer: Invoxia