An urchin-inspired coin-bank to store your ane’money’


A simple product that is highly indicative of what it stands for, the Tentacle Coin-bank by Hoi Ng came to life using two CAD modeling commands. Repeat and Extend… two commands that somehow ironically are liked to money too! A repetition of income, something we live for, and an extension of the hand to receive the income! Let’s not dwell too much the metaphorical side of it, but rather look at how simple and intuitive it is. Just looking at its bulbous shape and the dimension of the slits gives you an idea that it’s a coin bank… and this is without any imagery of pigs or currency.

The Tentacle Coin-bank also has the additional advantage of aesthetic appeal, looking more like a decorative desk toy than like a donation box of sorts… or a highly ornate swear jar!

Designer: Hoi Ng




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