What if your Wallet Was an Accessory to your Smartphone?


The title makes quite a design trigger, right? The wallet has existed for centuries, whereas the smartphone is all of a decade old. However, it didn’t take long for the smartphone to overtake the wallet in terms of being the most important thing in your pocket. The wallet now, has a chance to re-invent itself instead of play second fiddle to the smartphone, and the Wallor 2.0 wallet is just that.

A wallet so advanced it literally has me rubbing my eyes, the Wallor 2.0 doesn’t just store your belongings. It tags them, tracks them, and allows you to use augmented reality to locate them. Sufficiently advanced for its time, the Wallor comes with incredibly slim trackable stickers that you can place on your cards and other belongings. The Wallor app on your phone allows you to exactly see where your belongings are through the display on your phone. These paper-thin sticker tags can be used on items that are easy to misplace like cards, keys, USB drives, or even more precious items like your passport or keycards.

Aside from tracking your belongings, the Wallor 2.0 comes with the ability to track itself as well. Fitted with a GPS tracker, the Wallor is instantly trackable internationally, allowing you to get the whereabouts of your wallet pretty much anywhere in real-time. You can instantly know whether you’ve left it at home, or in a restaurant or a cab, and even monitor its location on your phone with live updates. The reverse works too. Since the wallet and phone are bound together using Wallor’s app, you can simply press the lion insignia on the wallet to summon an alert sound on your phone, helping you find your phone, instead of having someone else call you up to get your phone to ring. The wallet comes with Bluetooth 5.0, allowing you to be notified if your phone or wallet are away from each other. Leave either of the objects and walk away and they both buzz to let you know the Bluetooth connection between them has broken.

As if this enormous feature list wasn’t enough, the Wallor also packs a detachable wireless-charging power bank in it. When fully charged, this slim battery pack sits cleanly inside a dedicated slot of the wallet, and can be used to charge your phone. Simply placing your phone on the charger begins the power transfer, and the battery can be removed from the Wallor to be used independently too.

Designed for all needs, the Wallor 2.0 comes in four different sizes. A card-holder variant for the sleek EDC lovers, both vertical and horizontal bi-folds for the traditional-at-heart, and a travel-sized wallet for the jetsetters (that can even fit your passport into it). Each Wallor 2.0 is made from smooth, tough, scratch-resistant Nappa leather and even has RFID-blocking materials built into it.

Clearly built to pair well with your smartphone and your smart-life, the Wallor steps up the wallet’s game, giving it abilities far beyond the capabilities of current wallets. With the ability to track belongings, detect your phone, charge your phone, and even beam its own GPS coordinates from anywhere in the world, the Wallor 2.0 isn’t just your regular wallet. It’s a hybrid piece of EDC that revolutionizes the way you carry your items, the way you make your payments, and the way you live your smart-technology-powered life!

Designer: Viorel Cretu

Click here to Buy Now: $119 $249 (52% off).


Wallor 2.0 is the world’s smartest wallet with real-time global GPS tracking. From left to right is the cardholder split, bifold horizontal & travel wallet.


Wallor 2.0 also includes tracking tags for ALL your valuables.


And more!


Real-time Global GPS Tracking

You can easily track exactly where your wallet is and where it has been with their state of the art mapping system. The GPS works worldwide, in real time, so you’ve got peace of mind wherever you are. You’ll be fear free, no matter if you live in New York, London or Sydney.

Free Data Plan

When you need to find your phone, simply press the Wallor button on your wallet and your phone will sound an alert, even if it’s on silent.

Tracking Tags

Your Wallor tags let you track anything you want. They’re durable and thin enough to apply to almost anything you can’t afford to lose: your cards, keys, passport, and everything in between. Pair your tags with your wallet, connect them to the app and you will know exactly where your stuff is in seconds.

Wireless Charging and Detachable Power Bank

Every one of their wallets comes with an integrated wireless power bank. It’s lightweight and completely detachable so you can pass airport security without being forced to throw away your smart wallet.

Augmented Reality

The AR takes your experience to a whole new level. No more running late when you can’t find your keys. And no more headaches when you can’t remember where you left your gym card. It’s child’s play with Wallor. Literally. Scan the room and find out the exact location of your valuables through our state of the art AR technology.

Wireless Charging Dock

Every wallet comes with a minimalist, compact, fast charging dock you can use for both your Wallor and your smartphone. Depending on the usage, the wallet itself has a long battery life of around 20-30 days and fast-charges in only 1 hour.



Bifold vertical wallet.



Travel wallet.




Card holder split wallet.


Click here to Buy Now: $119 $249 (52% off).