These circuit boards turn your classic game controllers wireless!

You’ve been using them for years, pretty much your entire childhood, and then something else comes along the way and your favorite game console from the 90s goes into a box in the garage. 8BitDo, the company notorious for reviving legacy gaming tech and taking us on a journey that fuses nostalgia with the future, wants to bring back those classic controllers, but tweak them for the present. Their mod kits are available for most legacy controllers, from the NES and SNES classics to the originals, to even the Sega Mega Drive. The kit involves opening up the old controllers you have lying around and simply switching the printed circuit board on the inside for 8BitDo’s redesigned circuit boards. The minute you do, you now have a new controller that is compatible with mobile platforms, Windows, MacOS, Steam, Raspberry Pi, and even the Nintendo Switch! And what’s more is, the new PCBs in your controllers turn them wireless!

The idea is that you’ve spent hours, if not days, with your hands wrapped around those controllers and your hands, even though they’ve grown over the years, recognize those familiar contours and still know their way around them. 8BitDo’s mod kits don’t just take your hands and brain on a ‘feels trip’, they also turn an obsolete product into something that you can and definitely will reuse for probably another 10 years!

Designer: 8BitDo

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